Friday, November 05, 2004

Back to Pune

Sand art created just outside of our school-house bungalow.

So, I've been in Pune for the last couple of weeks. I haven't really been doing a whole lot, so I haven't really blogged anything. I've got a paper due in six days, so I'm kinda scared about that. It's about linguistics and how people mix Hindi/Marathi and English, so it should be really cool. The thing that worries me — I have to interview people. I'm scared of people. They're, you know, people I don't know, and I'm, you know, shy. I'll get over it, though, hopefully.

Class has been kinda crappy. Discussion is only somewhat productive, and very disorganized. The discussion has absolutely nothing to do with my paper. It's like I'm taking an independent study for a socio-linguistics paper with a teacher that doesn't do linguistics.

Enough griping. I am well. I went to the zoo the other day, and the animals actually looked relatively well-off. They had monkeys, and snakes, and turtles, and spotted dear, and some crazy blue water buffalo animal thing (pictured below).

Here's a funny sign I saw there:

I also went to an old fort, which was kinda cool. We got to walk around the old foundation, and see where different rooms were (the highlight — seeing the remains of the bathrooms!).

There's so much old stuff here in India. I think that's a serious downfall to the States — there isn't anything really old. The people who lived in the northern US before the 1600s didn't build anything big that lasted. I like old stuff.

Another activity: a big ole' hill. It provides an amazing view of the city, absolutely gorgeous. And there are some temples and stuff on the top of this hill. The climb was interesting, and the 'steps' were actually slabs of stone at 30° angles, meaning you were climbing up slabs of stone, and then going up a step to another slab that was also at a 30° angle.

The view:

Finally: a more cultural activity that me and two other guys on the trip did was to play cricket in the street with a bunch of kids in the old part of town. Although I am not athletic, I tried at bat a couple times and talked to the kids and took their picture:


Blogger Cat said...

Come on now, if you can screw up the courage to hit on the cute monkeys, you can bring yourself to talk to the guy who sells you toothpaste, or anybody in an internet cafe, particularly if they're located next to some piece of electronic machinery.

Cool sand art... but where do they get the different colors? I dunno about India but the sand we've got here is brown, sometimes lighter brown... or, well, sand-colored.
It would be so awesome if the beaches were all like, magenta or canary yellow?!


11:01 AM  
Blogger Kumar said...

know more about southindia....

2:16 AM  

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