Friday, September 24, 2004


Fri, 24 Sept 2004, 5:24 AM IST, Mumbai, India

Thur 6:55 PM CDT (Chicago)
Thur 7:55 PM EDT (Detroit)

Cat is 10.5 hours behind me
Aunt B is 9.5 hours behind me

I arrived in Mumbai without any problems. The flights were fine. The new Northwest terminal at Detroit Metro is really really nice. The flight to Amsterdam was also really nice, cuz we had individual entertainment centers in out seats. I played lots of Bejeweled, watched Harry Potter 3, and regretably, I watched the first half hour of Garfield, the movie. Amsterdam was brief... I just walked around the airport for 10 minutes. First time to Europe, though, so I got one and a half new continents under my belt today (Europe + Indian subcontinent). The trip from Amsterdam to Mumbai was OK, nothing exciting. We got to Mumbai, went through customs and such, and then waited for more flights to come in, so we could fill our bus up before heading to the (cue music) YWCA.

The Y's OK, I guess. Western style toilet, large and powerful ceiling fan, tiny TV with 70 channels. The luxury hotel we'll be moving into on Saturday should be many times groovier and more livable. At the moment, I'm actually a little cold, which I will be desperately trying to remember later today when it gets hot and muggy (chou magi magi).

I'm having a good time, so far. I imagine more spectacular things will come tomorrow --- lunch, bookstore, internet cafe, walking around. For the time being, I'm gonna try to go back to sleep and get into a regular sleeping schedule.


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