Thursday, September 23, 2004

I'm in Pune

** EDIT: I'm putting this at the beginning of my blog, for consistancy's sake. I originally wrote this on 28 Sept. **

Here's my blog. It won't be updated every day, because the internet place I use really sucks, and only a couple of their computers have browsers that work with blogger, so we'll see. Also, I don't know how easily I can upload photos here, so it might be a text-only blog for a while.

The last seven days since I'm been in Chicago have been crazy, nonstop, and amazing. I'll fill you all in later. In the mean time, leave me a post or something if you feel like it.

Everyone, try to take it easy.


Blogger Cat said...

Jeremy, we want pictures!
We want posts!

But mostly, we just want you! ^_^

2:45 PM  
Blogger southbeachspider said...

Jeremy, its your cousin Matthew. Sounds like you are in for an amazing experience, I am very excited for you. Not as excited as I am that you have a girlfriend with a name like Cat, but excited. I look forward to reading your posts and hopefully some pics!

8:27 AM  

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